Cha Cha Cha d'Amour video

12th May 2015

The video for Cha Cha d'Amour is out now.

Filmed in Canberra by Graham Gall at a number of locations including the Beyond Q Bookshop and featuring actress Catherine Crowley, the new video is delicious blend of cabaret after closing time and film noir. Please check it out and make a comment.




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True Believer Out Now

CD and digital download versions of True Believer are now available from CD Baby plus super high resolution digital from BandCamp! as well as standard digital download from Amazon and iTunes and lots of lots of other places too!


Sydney Morning Herald: `unique and uniquely valuable'

Rating: 4.5/5

A rich offering, this album invites you to stay for the ride and take in its tones. Made using analogue equipment, it has been patiently constructed, is even tempered and makes for good company. read more ...

Backseat Mafia Magazine

True Believer is a hedonistic, lush, red velvet-curtained fragile and beautiful album. Imbued with the sexual frustration and louche ambivalence of Robert Forster from The Go-Betweens and underpinned by a Nick Cave-like gothic baritone darkness, each listen reveals more complex layers, greater humour and a melodic strength. Every song is great – flashes of Tindersticks and Leonard Cohen weaving in and out of this lounge-room lothario performing in a haze of smoke and whiskey. read more ...

Leading Us Absurd Blog

“I asked Leonard Cohen, how lonely does it get?” Michael Cullen wonders on the opening track, “Black Dog” of True Believer. Listening to True Believer, it makes sense that he would ask Cohen about loneliness because it is Cohen’s shadow that hangs over the album. read more ...

Nashville Music Guide

This album True Believer is one of a kind. Unique in the concept and the diversity of the music. Michael Cullen reminds me a young Bowie on a magical rock and roll ride read more ...

Guardian Liberty Voice Underground Examinations Music Review

Michael P Cullen rides in from Sydney, Australia, on broken horses and black dogs for this solo album, True Believer. Moody baritone is his weapon of choice as he preaches about how the sweet things go bad. read more ...

Rip it Up Magazine

4 / 5

True Believer was recorded to tape and is a smooth nine track album of broody vibes – eerie, hypnotic and relaxing. The songs are about regret, bitterness and a love gone sour. If you like Nick Cave you will love Michael P Cullen.read more ...

Arts and Culture Maven

I asked Leonard Cohen, how lonely does it get?

Now that's lonely... With his distinctive baritone and dark indie rock sound, Michael Cullen is often compared to Nick Cave and Tom Waits but it's Leonard Cohen he evokes on the first track of his new release, True Believer. The song is called Black Dog and features his typically literate take on life and love. read more ...

Obscure Sound

Veteran singer-songwriter Michael Cullen was featured back in March with his excellent track “Do You Believe?“, whose strategic meshing of synth-pop and ’80s-flaired alternative reminded me fondly of both Depeche Mode and Talking Heads. That cut was off his album Love Transmitter, released back in 2002. With his new album True Believer, released earlier this month, Cullen seems to be retracing back to his roots in enjoyable form. read more ...

The Black Magazine

Despite the song Nothing Special on his new album True Believer, there is distinctly something special in the voice of indie pop star, Michael Cullen. read more ...

The Music Pulse

Names like Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen immediately bring to mind a very specific kind of music to those who are familiar with them. While Australian songwriter Michael Cullen is obviously heavily influenced by these two inimitable artists, he’s a got a musical sensibility all his own. read more ...

Rebel Music

Influenced by the likes of Nick Cave, Tom Waites and Leonard Cohen, this Aussie singer-songwriter looks kinda world-weary. If his lyrics are anything to go by, love has not been kind to Michael Cullen. read more ...

Scallywag Magazine

The whole of True Believer is an antidote to overly-produced and packaged pop read more ...

i94 Bar

Well, this is a first, I think. This is a four bottle CD, and I really do dislike it. However, I disliked it a lot less after the second listen, and by now (fourth spin) it’s beginning to grow on me ... I can see shedloads of you shelling out to hold it in your hands, then scampering out to see the man in the flesh read more ...

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Cha Cha Cha d'Amour single

15th April 2015

A new radio edit version of Cha Cha Cha d'Amour is set to be released as the first single from True Believer on May 25th.

Read the UK press release here.

Cha Cha Cha d'Amour Radio Edit to be released as a single

2nd April 2015

Recorded on analogue tape, using old tube microphones and plenty of equipment with large bakelite knobs, co-produced by Michael with Tim Powles (of the Australian masters of guitar atmospherics, The Church) and mixed by Danton Supple (Morrisey, Coldplay) Cha Cha exudes a vintage but timeless sound.

True Believer continues to get airplay at KQAL Winona Minnesota

5th March 2015

Big thank you to KQAL Winona, Minnesota where True Believer has been in rotation for six months!

Critical Acclaim for True Believer

1st February 2015

Thanks to those writers, bloggers and music lovers who pounced on the album as soon it was virtually available. We couldn't be more thrilled with the response to True Believer.

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Tomatrax Music Blog names Black Dog #1 song of the year

28th January 2015

Tomatrax, the Australian independent music blog, has named Black Dog, the opening track on True Believer as song of the year for 2014.

Read more ...

US College embraces True Believer

30th November 2014

There has been a very positive reaction to True Believer across US College Radio and we are thrilled. In the past 8 weeks, over 135 stations have added True Believer into their rotations, including core stations WRUW in Cleveland read more ...

4.5 Stars from Sydney Morning Herald

20th November 2014

True Believer has received a sensational review in Australia's leading broadsheet newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald, Read the full review here.


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