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CD and digital download versions of True Believer are now available from CD Baby plus super high resolution digital from BandCamp! as well as standard digital download from Amazon and Itunes and lots of lots of other places too!




True Believer

First reviews are in for True Believer. Thanks to those writers, bloggers and music lovers who pounced on the album as soon it was virtually available. We will update the Reviews page shortly but in the meantime you can read a selection of reviews here:

Arts and Culture Maven

Obscure Sound

The Black Magazine


The Music Pulse


Love Transmitter


You can’t quite tell whether he’s sad, pissed off, wasted, or in a state of perpetually not giving a shit, but that fact, the enigma of Cullen's delivery throughout this album, makes it a consistently compelling listen. read more ...

Listen Hear

It’s no wonder this album has won many accolades with the indie community in Australia. Michael Cullen and fellow musician, Tim Powles, control space like it’s in the palm of their hand. They shift from an in-your-face bruiser of a song into a soft and somber tune like, “Hey Sister”. Arms spread wide, and eyes closed, this is how the track is supposed to be listened too. The duo just kills it as musicians. read more ...


Resonating with moody melancholia and a strange, dark beauty, Love Transmitter is a reverb-drenched, atmospheric slice of synth pop that explores both the nature of love, and the nature of love gone wrong. read more ...


The opening organ strains of “Do You Believe” bring me back to a time when media and computer manipulation was just an infant and emotional pull was king. The lo-fi keys and damp understated drum hits are old school quality and Cullens brassy vocals are emotive and raw. read more ...

Seance Lists - Great album with superb production by Tim Powles

There are some great tracks on this album lots of vocal hooks and indy rocken riffs. Transmission … is a superb track with the accelerator back on-Something about putting his wedding ring in his pocket whilst riding a rocket and meeting a girl who was a love transmitter read more ...

New Album True Believer set for release on 1st October 2014

15th September 2014

The wait is over for Michael's new album. Recorded on tape, mostly at Space junk III and Studios 301 in Sydney between 2010 and 2013, co-produced with timEbandit Powles (Tim Powles, of the Australian masters of guitar atmospherics, The Church) and mixed by Danton Supple (Morrisey, Coldplay), True Believer is a compelling and hypnotic listening experience.

Built around Michael Cullen's resonant baritone, which is deeper and richer than ever before, the music draws from Stax, Mowtown, New Wave and 80s British pop as well read more of this story ...

Critical Acclaim for Love Transmitter Re-Mastered.

23rd April 2014

The reviews are in and we are thrilled with the response to the re-mastered version of Love Transmitter. Here are some highlights:

Craig Manning writes in Absolute Punk that "You can’t quite tell whether he’s sad, pissed off, wasted, or in a state of perpetually not giving a shit, but that fact, the enigma of Cullen's delivery throughout this album, makes it a consistently compelling listen". Ryan Robinson in Listen Hear magazine says, "Professional Entertainers … is the best song I’ve heard in ages … " read more of this story …

US AAA and Specialty Airplay for Love Transmitter

28th February 2014

So far this year "Professional Entertainers" from Love Transmitter has been spun at The Penguin Rocks.com Indie Rock Radio from New Jersey, on The Flight Test show on 96.1 WKZQ Myrtle Beach, on the Sher Delight show on HGRNJ.com New Jersey, on the Mid Tenn Listens 56 Podcast, on Don Campau's No Pigeonholes show and podcast - European and American versions (Don played "Spill" as well) and on the Undercover Sound System show on Riff2 Detroit.

Interview with Michael in The Pen's Eye View

19th January 2014

Thank you Richie Frieman and the Pen's Eye View team for a really enjoyable interview! Heres's a snippet:

It’s not easy to describe and categorize the style and influences of one Mr. Michael Cullen … "If I were to try and describe the music I make, it would be in terms of an emotional and sensual palette, not whether its trip hop or indie rock or punk (and all those words have been used by people at one time or another) – I always liked the title of Frank Sinatra’s album, Songs for Swinging Lovers (great album too!), so maybe that’s a good enough description.”

Read a full transcript of the interview here ...

Danton Supple to Mix New Album

1st October 2013

Famed English producer, Danton Supple, has been engaged to mix a number of tracks on Michael's upcoming new album. Mr Supple has an amazing track record ranging from Coldplay to Ian Brown to Oceansize to Autoheart.

"I am absolutely chuffed that Danton has agreed to work on my record,"says Michael. read more ...

Love Transmitter Re-Mastered!

4th July 2012

A new audio master has just gone to the pressing plant for Love Transmitter. The album was re-mastered by Andrew Edgson at 301 in Sydney and sounds sooo good.

"The original master was fine but I took the opportunity of a re-press to tweak a few things that had always bugged me," Michael said today. read more ...

Tomatrax Blog Love Transmitter(re-issue)

Ten years on the album has been remastered and re-released in a shiny new digi-pack. This is good news as the album was easily one of the most underrated to have arrived in the noughties. The mix of dense sounds, beautiful melodies and sharp witted words made for an absolutely sensational long player.

Read the full Tomatrax review here


In the dead of winter, August 2012, way way back before retina displays and pastel iOS’s, Australian songwriter and down-under superstar Michael Cullen re-released Love Transmitter (Remastered) to an audience salivating for some real music, and something that wasn’t Gag-nam Style. With the return of shoe-gaze and eighties inspired sounds in the last few years, it’s time for this record, originally recorded in 01/02 to stand up and be noticed. read more ...



Love Transmitter listed in Tomatrax All Time Top 100 Australian Albums

15th June 2011

Indie blog and music magazine Tomatrax has listed Love Transmitter as 18th best Australian album of all time coming in just behind I'm Stranded by The Saints and just ahead of the Sunnyboy's self-titled debut album. read more ...